WELCOME TO ASIAN HOSPITALITY GROUP OUR BRANDS We're Asian Hospitality Group, where it's all about creating memorable Asian dining experiences. Come and eat the streets of Asia! We believe that sharing is caring. Our menu has been carefully created to empower the people. COMMI Healthy and tasty Vietnamese dishes with a European twist. Once you take your first bite, you will be wanting to come back for more! Hoi An House


Fast, fresh flavour.

Hutong is all about fast, fresh flavour – casual cuisine inspired by the narrow, bustling streets of Southeast Asia.

Location: Dunedin

Website: www.hutong.co.nz

Indochina Vietnamese Street Cuisine.

Come and the delight street food at Le Xom!
experience that is Vietnamese culture with us.

Location: Christchurch

Website: www.lexom.co.nz

Your Culinary Shangri-La.

A vibrant fusion of the energy of Asian culinary culture with the modern romance of fine dining.

Location: Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin

Website: www.buddhastix.co.nz

Your local Nelson Asian restaurant.

Our menu features fresh, healthy and tasty dishes with a European twist.

Location: Nelson
Website: www.mama-san.co.nz

Simple, yet adventurous.

If we could use one word to describe the Thai experience it would have to be – flavour.

Location: Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill

Website: www.thaigarden.co.nz

Simple, yet adventurous.

We have three fantastic restaurants under our Thai Food brand: Thai Tahuna, Thai Land and Thai Hanoi.

Location: Nelson, Dunedin

Website: www.thaifood.co.nz

Your Culinary Shangri-La.

Spirit House Dunedin is the first Spirit House in New Zealand, and overlooks the beautiful St Clair beach.

Location: Wellington, Christchurch
Website: www.spirit.house

Eat the streets of Asia.

Commi food is designed for grab and go or to be enjoyed in the hustle and bustle of our vibrant and fun restaurant.

Location: Christchurch
Website: www.commi.co.nz

Vietnamese dishes with a European Twist.

Our menu fresh, with balance of raw and cooked dishes, and you will be wanting to come back for more.

Location: Christchurch
Website: www.hoianhouse.co.nz

Cooking is an art form, an expression of life.

At Asian Garden Cooking School we admire the philosophy and techniques of Asian cuisine. We strive to share our knowledge of Asian cooking, and most importantly allow you to seek enlightenment in the process of cooking and socialising.

Location: Christchurch
Website: www.asiancookschool.co.nz